With my orchestra, I want to bring this great time of the Big Band era back to life musically a few times, and I invite you, with me, my Big Band and with me to bring

Duke Ellington's "A-Train" back to that swing era
to enjoy the best songs from Glenn Miller and his contemporaries.

With the "Chattanooga Choo Choo" I will take you, dear swing fans, back to the present time at the end of the concert and at the same time start to say goodbye slowly, as prominent artists have already done in the past.

Looking forward to your valued visit


Tony Jagitsch

Tony Jagitsch and his big orchestra with the Vienna Swing Sisters
and Markus Richter in the golden hall of the Viennese music association.

Concert Mariazeller Buergeralpe July 2010

Concert Mariazeller Buergeralpe July 2009